African children's book on coronavirus

Since the beginning of 2020, our lives have been under the spell of the coronavirus. The coronavirus has radically changed our entire daily life in a short time and we do not know how long this will continue. We all have to deal with it a lot and especially for children it is unclear and exciting. How do you talk to young children about the corona crisis? And especially with children in Africa?

When our chairman Monique ended up in quarantine and lockdown due to the virus in Kenya in March 2020, she heard and saw from various sides that there were little or no informative children's books available that children in Kenya and Tanzania could identify with. She wanted to do something about that. Together with Els van Hemert and Mieke Linssen from Jan & Ko, creative in education, we developed the African children's book 'Aisha and Moses strong against coronavirus!'

This FREE downloadable children's book has now been published in several languages: in Dutch (for children of immigrants), in English, Kiswahili (Tanzania and Kenya), Chishona (Zimbabwe) and in Chichewa (Malawi). We made reading and audio versions of the booklet. The size of the reading books is small so they can be easily shared via WhatsApp, other social media channels or via email.

The booklet was created in co-production with 'Jan & Ko | creative in education 'and' Aisha & Friends', based on an idea by Monique Kerpen and 'Hoera Kindercentra'.

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