Our board members

Monique Derrez

I am Monique Derrez - I used to be a physiotherapist and now I solely work for Dutch Tanzania Foundation.

In 2008 I lost my heart to the people in Tanzania. It was the first time I was sent out by the Belgium organization ‘Artsen Zonder Vakantie’ (AZV / i.e. Doctors Without Vacation) to work voluntarily as physiotherapist in Mt. Joseph Hospital, a mission hospital in the village of Peramiho, South-Tanzania.

From 2008 up until 2010 I was sent out on a yearly basis by AZV. During these missions I primarily aimed at transferring knowledge to the local physiotherapists, teaching the hospital staff, giving lessons at the nurse’s training course and being active in the field of policy.

Yet, more was needed than a helping hand for four weeks a year. That is why the foundation Peramiho was founded in 2009. In the end I stopped as a volunteer for AZV and became the chairperson for the foundation Peramiho on a voluntary basis.

Cuttings in health care made me quit my job as a physiotherapist in 2006. I took a job with the municipality of Weert. In 2018 I changed course once more: I quit my job with this local government. Instead of chairperson I became project leader of our project ‘Watoto kwanza’ (Swahili for ‘Children First’). The project aims at realizing a change from institutionalizing children in orphanages to a Family Based Care model: from ‘orphan home’ to ‘family home’. Read more on this project.

In 2019 I swopped roles again from project leader to honorary chairperson. We also changed the name to a more international one: Dutch Tanzania Foundation.

I adhere Gandhi’s motto: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”. Will you help us?

Nini Bos

My name is Nini Bos. I live in Weert together with Peter Paul Bos and our beautiful daughter Lizzy. I was born in Paterswolde, a village in the North of the Netherlands. Before my first birthday our family moved to Curacao. When I was ten we moved to Transkei, South-Africa – then my love for this beautiful continent came into being. At the age of 16 we moved back to the Netherlands and via Eindhoven we finally settled in Weert.

The things that give me energy are my family, organizing and actually doing activities, my volunteer work and my job at the municipality of Cranendonck. The things that motivate me are being of significance to somebody, doing something that really matters and making a difference in someone’s life.

Monique and I met a couple of years ago in our jobs at the municipality of Weert respectively Cranendonck. We live in the same neighbourhood. On top of that Monique volunteers at Lizzy’s school. When the foundation was looking for a board member I readily offered my services.

I gladly dedicate my talents to seeing children grow up in a family.


Yvonne Vaes-Lucas

My name is Yvonne Vaes Lucas. I worked in primary education for 45 years. First as a teacher and later as director of a Community School with a great diversity in student backgrounds (social, economic, cultural). I have always enjoyed my work in education.

During my school activities I came into contact with Monique. I enjoyed her enthusiasm, passion and commitment to offering children in Tanzania better development opportunities. We supported her initiatives with our educational foundation Stichting Eduquaat.

After my retirement I continued to work for children. For example, together with a group of 15 volunteers, I started the initiative to set up a play library. Children can come and play at the play library, borrow toys and games and meet other children and parents. I enjoy the children playing, the contacts with the parents, the relaxed atmosphere and the connection that has been created. Playing is basic for the well-being of the child and conditional for development.

I am also committed to Stichting Vlinderkind (for children with an incurable skin condition) and I am on the advisory board of Stichting Samenfonds, a fund that supports connecting social activities. In addition to my volunteer work, I enjoy reading and walking. I love cooking and baking, take guitar lessons, attend the occasional concert and enjoy babysitting and playing with my grandchildren

When Monique asked me if I wanted to take a seat on the board, without a doubt I said yes.