Experiences from our first years of our lives are of great importance for our further development. There is a lack of good schooling for infants in South-Tanzania. This lack can be seen in their development. Spatial skills leave much to be desired. We grow up with forms and colours, learn that a triangular form fits into a triangular opening and not so for a rectangular one. The experiencew we gain in our first years of life are of great importance for the rest of our development. Good education is, therefore, an important link to an ability to manage for oneself in the future.

Since the start of our foundation in 2009, we had the wish to invest in a project with regard to education. Our wish was fulfilled in 2011.

“Give someone a fish, then you give food for one day. Teach someone to fish, then you feed that person for the rest of his life!”

Good Shepherd Kindergarten
A reliable and stable partner is required for the success of a project in a country 8,000 kilometres from home. In 2010 we found one. We came to know about a plan in an advanced stage by the Missionary Benedictine Sisters. Their plan was to build a kindergarten in a suburb of Songea. Many children lived there, but there was no school for them. In 2012 we started building a school. We wanted more than just a building with four walls and a roof. We wanted to invest in a school for the future.