Clean and safe drinking water

Clean and safe drinking water is the basis for a good health. Worldwide almost one billion people do not have access to it and this is a cause for many serious health problems, such as dehydration and infections. From August 28th, 2011 till February 24th, 2012 the founders Monique and Leon were in Tanzania to be present at the realisation of the first goals: building a 60,000-liter water tank at the local hospital of Peramiho. Furthermore, eleven wells were dug: ten in the village of Likuyufusi and one in Parangu.

Community Based Home Care programme
These water projects were realised as part of the Community Based Home Care programme (CBHC). The underlying idea of the CBHC-programme is to take on prevention at an early stage. Many patients taken to the hospital became ill due to dirty drinking water. Clean and safe drinking water will cause fewer patients in hospital and therewith more room for those who need it.

Creating support
In order for creating sufficient support and responsibility among the villagers, it is important they all chip in building and maintaining the well. This is one of the spearheads of the CBHC-project. Realisation of these water-projects is done in close cooperation with the local community.

What we do, what they do
Building water wells is always carried out in close collaboration with local people. The residents in a street all pay in building the well. Moreover, they themselves build the well under supervision of a craftsman, called ‘fundi’ in Swahili. They also provide for sand, stones and man(woman)power. We pay for the remaining materials, such as cement, synthetic pipes, transport and the fundi (craftsman).

No ‘bottomless pit’
In the period ending 2011 beginning 2012 we built eleven water wells in the two villages neighbouring Peramiho. In August 2017 our chairperson Monique made a surprise and random visit to four of these wells – almost six years after realisation. Are you curious whether they are still working? Have a look at this short video in which she takes you along these wells. Enjoy watching it!

Water wells Likuyufusi
In the village of Likuyufusi we, together with the local population, realised 10 water wells. Five of these were old wells that were dried up. We repaired and enlarged them. We did this by looking for new wells, digging for those and leading them via a brick laid groove to the existing well. The other five wells were completely new ones.

Water well Parangu
In the village of Parangu we realised the eleventh and last water well. Our fundi, the bricklayer and builder of the wells in Likuyufusi, lives in Parangu. He asked us to help in building a safe well for him and the 34 other households. We did that, of course.

Water tank
At the end of the dry season (November/December) the hospital, with 420 beds, in Peramiho often does not have any water supply for several days. This gives a major problem regarding hygiene. Operations cannot be performed, as well. In building this water tank that problem has been solved. This water tank at the Peramiho hospital has a capacity of 60,000 litre. In this way many human lives are saved. Read more