In 2008 I lost my heart to Tanzania and its people, especially the children. I worked as a physiotherapist – my profession at that time – in the mission hospital in Peramiho, a village in the South of Tanzania.

From 2008 until 2010 I yearly went to Peramiho during my vacation to pass on my knowledge as a physiotherapist. To give help four weeks a year is not enough, though. We were looking for structural improvements. We received money from many people. It was too much money for small things, but too little to realise sustainable and structural projects. That is why we founded Foundation Peramiho on the 22nd of May 2009. The board consists of enthusiastic honorary volunteers who dedicate their knowledge and expertise to our Foundation.

In general, we only support one large project at a time. That way it all stays well-organized and manageable for us as a small foundation. Apart from a large project we do support smaller projects that cross our path and fit our general goals.

Our motto “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” we borrowed from Gandhi. Together we can be that change. Will you join and help us?

Founder and chairperson


The board

Monique Derrez is founder and chairperson of the foundation. In 2008 she was sent out to work as a physiotherapist in Peramiho. There and then she lost her heart to South-Tanzania and its people. Besides being the founder and chairperson, Monique personifies the foundation. Read on.

Ralf Driessens came into contact with our foundation as a cameraman for the then WTV, a local broadcasting organisation. He recorded many of the events we organised and thus became involved in our foundation. He was for instance involved in the video lessons we did in light of the Day of the Rights of the Child in 2019. He gladly puts to use his media knowledge and expertise for the foundation. Read on.

Nini Bos is active in society: as head of department in the municipality of Cranendonck, as member of the board of “Keent Onderneemt’ (a group of inhabitants of the neighbourhood Keent in Weert who bring people together in order to profit from each other’s talents) and as member of the Parents’ Association and Representative Advisory Body of the primary school ‘Het Dal’ in Weert. She now also puts to use her broad interest and experience in social issues for our foundation. Read on.


De ambassadeurs

Hans van Breukelen is one of the best-known Dutch keepers and is regarded as one of our best keepers ever. We are proud to have him as an ambassador.

Hans van de Loo has been an ambassador since 2010. The African continent is a theme in his career. For many years he worked as a doctor in several African countries, among which Tanzania.

Thamara Winters was co-organiser of ‘Weert aan Tafel’ and from thereon she was involved in the foundation.

Rianne Moonen was impressed by the fact that the foundation requires responsibility and contribution from the people that receive help from the foundation.

Sharon Walraven is one of the best-known wheelchair tennis players in the Netherlands. Her motto: “Success is getting what you want, happiness is keeping what you have got.”. Sharon has been an ambassador since 2011.

Gé Moonen participated in our Spinn-inn Marathons every year and went along on a trip to Tanzania in 2014. He is impressed by our motto: Do no give them a fish, but teach them to fish.

Mark Kitzen has been an ambassador since 2015. Ever since the first edition of the Spinn-inn Marathon in 2011 he has been one of our regular volunteers to our foundation.

Jeanette Dohmen has been an ambassador since 2010. In 2014 she also participated to a trip to Tanzania. She was touched by what she witnessed there.

Olof-Jan Buunk has been a loyal contributor to our foundation for many years. Because he was critical as to what happened with the money, he went along to Tanzania in 2014. He there witnessed with his own eyes what was done with the money.

Diederik Fetter was one of the first to bring the foundation to the attention of to the general public. He has been an ambassador since 2010.

Anton Kirkels was an alderman for Weert from 2006 up until 2013. He was a member of ‘Provinciale Staten Limburg’ (County Council) until 2019.